Fulfilling the role that best meets your needs.

Strategist and planner who will work with you to identify your specific marketing or PR needs and craft a plan of action.

*  Marketing and PR expert who will get down to work providing the extra, experienced hands you need to execute your project.

*  Project manager who will provide oversight on the project, coordinate the efforts of project participants, and keep the project on schedule and on budget.



Assisting businesses
to achieve greater sales
and marketplace visibility, project by project.

Cindy Combs Consulting specializes in helping business and organizations develop and implement marketing and public relations programs when in-house staffing and/or expertise is in short supply. 

As a freelance independent contractor, Cindy Combs can step into many roles to assist you to meet your marketing or public relations goals. And, step out when your needs are satisfied.

Whether you are a large company needing to supplement your full time marketing or PR staff, or, a small company who needs marketing and public relations expertise, Cindy Combs will get your job done with accountability, dedication and professionalism. 








Contact Cindy Combs for cost effective and timely consulting services.
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